Helena JAY

Owner / Artist

During her life Helena has always explored spirituality through her art, it is "what brings people together" that intrigues her. A thorough believer that everyone and everything is connected, she now has a need, bigger than ever to continue exploring this through her art. 

She previously had to put her love for art aside for a few years due to personal reasons and pursued a life in the corporate world, thinking that climbing the corporate ladder and shattering the glass ceiling were things that she needed to achieve to be accepted in this modern world. She quickly learnt, once starting to achieve these things, that this was not what made her happy. Her world had become colourless and she knew that the one thing she was always meant to do she needed to do again. And this time, never let any assumptions, circumstance or people stop her. 

'It’s funny how we think that we know what we want but actually we are just selling ourselves a lie, hoping that the more we try to do it, the more it will come true'. Happier now than ever before, a whole new world is unfolding in-front of Helena.



Recent Exhibitions / Features

  • London Biennale, Chelsea, London - May 2019

  • British Vogue Magazine, U.K - June 2019

  • House & Garden Magazine, U.K - July 2019

  • Van Gogh Art Gallery – Madrid, Spain - July 2019

  • Art Bodensee, Lake Constance, Austria - July 2019

  • British Vogue Magazine, U.K - July 2019

  • House & Garden Magazine, U.K - August 2019

  • Florence Biennale, Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy – October 2019.

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Helena Jay